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A few words about the founder of Dr. D. A. Delis

► 23.12.1904 Born in Tripoli, Arcadia, Greece
► 1921 Chemistry Studies at the University of Athens
► 1922 Departure to Germany
► 1923 Enrollment for the summer semester at the University of Leipzig
► 1926 PHD Research for the Professor Max Bergmann, in ‘Kaiser-Wilhelm’- Institute of Leather Research, Dresden
► August 1928 Receives his Doctorate
► 1929 – End of 1930 Training in the leather department of Karl Budischosky & Soehne AG, Trebitsch, Maehren, Czechoslovakia
► April 1930- End of 1930 Appointed as director at the enamel
factory at the island of Kea
► January 1931 – End of August 1934 Appointed as the first assistant of the Professor of Medicine & Biochemistry at the University of Athens, Dr. Ioakeimoglou
► September 1934 Recruited by I.G.Farbenindustrie
► January 1945 Founds and establishes his personal company, Delis
► 1953 Transforms the company to a Namesake Company
► 1962 Transformation of the company from Namesake to SA
► Remains the Main Share Holder & General Director
of Dr.Delis SA Company until his death on 11.01.1971

Board of Directors for the period 18/05/2018 – 17/05/2021


Antonios G. Fotopoulos

Konstantinos A. Marinos (Secretary) Ioli A. Fotopoulou (Cashier)
George C. Fotopoulos (Member)